I thank WordPress for allowing me to call upon you to help me help your child.

If you have no child you will perhaps not understand why I bother.

There is a finite small but not very small chance that everyone including your child will be killed after a delay of a few years’ time – and those who are responsible for this “chance” do not object. They only hope that no one asks them to renew their 7 years old official safety report which still stems from the time before the danger was discovered.

But don’t think that it is the scientifically proven danger which causes me to alarm you, even though I described the facts which entail this infinite danger if correct in my co-authored Springer book “Chaotic Harmony.”

I do not ask you to trust those facts. Do only trust the fact that others might or might not have even more urgent reasons why the cosmic-record energy density created by CERN on earth is dangerous. CERN itself might possess an undisprovable argument why their experiment is safe.

So all I am asking is that CERN follow the good practice of renewing its Safety Report, so as any other scientific or military agency on the planet with an unprecedented device is obliged to do by law or if not by law, by common sense.


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