“cq 80 — cq 80 — DL9KF” was my Amateur Radio Call when I was 17

Today I am calling for similar attention world-wide regarding a news waiting to be distributed by the same naïve mind after a 58 years long delay.

My message reads: “please, dear young people, give my result the benefit of the doubt.”

The result obtained in discussions with my students at the University of Tubingen in Southern Germany implies that a currently running experiment can produce, with a daily probability in the 0.1 percentage range, a miniature black hole that remains inside earth to grow there exponentially. It will reach a size that makes it manifest for the first time only after about ten years’ time, in order to after a few more months have turned the planet into a 2-cm black hole that is still circled by a silent moon.

At the time being, no scientist on the planet is able to falsify this result. No counter publication exists in the literature. In particular, CERN – the European nuclear cooperation which runs the experiment – refuses to update its pre-experimental, 7 years old safety report (LSAG). This fact notwithstanding, all news agencies on the planet shrink away from covering the issue.

The experimenters boast that they are thereby doubling their previous record energy density on a celestial body anywhere in the cosmos. And at some point along the energy-doubling ladder, a micro black hole is bound to form. This may or may not happen after the present upgrade already. No appropriate detectors were installed though.

The new eatures of black holes discovered in Tubingen render CERN’s aim to produce micro black holes on earth more realistic. A serendipitous situation? The best insurance against any negative side effects is clearly provided by Hawking radiation. CERN installed detectors geared to this purpose. Hawking’s prediction that the hoped-for black holes will immediately “evaporate” remains a triumph of formal ingenuity. To everyone’s dismay, the Tubingen finding – rehabilitation of the pre-1911 Einstein’s c-global – has ruled out Hawking radiation, a fact he does not comment so far.

The second safety insurance – still believed-in by CERN at the time of issuing its safety report – is a “less than exponential” growth rate of black holes inside matter. If so, the new interior parasites attempted to be planted into earthby CERN would take many millions of years before doing any harm to their host. The 7 years old scaling law for black hole growth inside matter calls for a special effort at falsification, if doubted.

So the triumphant voyage of a 7 years old oceanliner at its freshly doubled-up speed is getting tickled by the feeble voice of a ship’s boy from Tubingen who claims to have spotted an iceberg. Should the captain on the bridge therefore throttle the motors? Scientific ethics is colliding with the biggest concerted scientific effort ever. No voice can help the captain on the bridge more than that of the so far silent young majority.

I – and if I am not mistaken also the planet –  depend on whether a single young person – and then a second and then a third and so on – asks the “Why Not?”-question: Why not renew the Safety Report before the cosmic-record cruise?


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