ConCERN: Results on Black Holes have changed the Safety Equation of CERN

Since early June 2015, CERN attempts to produce miniature black holes on earth at a doubled cosmic-record local energy density. This even though a “survival error” may be invited thereby.

I can say so because my unchallenged scientific publications have revealed radically new properties for micro black holes: Lack of Hawking evaporation; unchargedness (and hence undetectability at CERN); and exponential growth when stuck inside matter. Hence after a delay of about a decade, earth might be eaten inside out leaving nothing but a 2-cm black hole in its wake that keeps the moon in its orbit.

There is no counterargument to be found in the literature. CERN chose to respond by non-renewing its 7 years old Safety Report. Its only safeguard is a world-wide press curfew.

Don’t panic though: the chances of a success are at most ten percent. So the risk is roughly the same as that of the cold war was which likewise got accepted without a world democracy being installed in its wake – a fact which attests to its late acceptance.

There exists not a single scientific publication contesting the proof of the new danger. Only one man – in an unpublished manuscript on the web (on vixra) – attempts to justify CERN’s behavior. Everyone is in his debt if he is right. He says: One class of stars in the sky would not exist if the CERN-concern was justified – white dwarfs. His round-about argument goes as follows: The ultra-high energy cosmic rays that constantly impinge on the surface of a white dwarf just as they do on earth, are bound to thereby generate miniature black holes in case CERN does so. The only difference between these natural black holes and those produced at CERN is in speed: rather than circling at the speed of an airplane as the artificial ones do inside earth, the natural ones possess virtually the speed of light. Hence their unchargedness allows them to pass right through the earth. But since white dwarfs are a million times denser than earth at the same size, the ultra-fast black holes should, instead of again passing through in one thirtieth of a second, get stuck inside so as to leave a 3-km black hole after a delay of a few years’ time. But this is not what is the case empirically: white dwarfs do exist in large numbers. Hence black holes either are not generated at CERN or are innocuous on earth, too.

This argument, proposed in favor of CERN by Kerwick, presupposes that ultra-fast and ultra-slow miniature black holes possess essentially the same friction coefficient inside matter, whether the latter be ultra-dense or not. This assumption I tried hard to prove during the past few days since I admire Tom Kerwick. For full two days, I thought I could prove him right so he would deserve a Nobel prize for having taken away the deadly fears of a planet.

However, it all depends on the unknown size of the miniature black holes. If they are maximally small, the white-dwarf safety argument appears to break down. Then the three-millisecond passage-time through earth would apply also to a white dwarf. This would compare unfavorably with the unlimited residence time inside earth that is enjoyed by the artificial slow ones, so that the danger persists. Perhaps one of the thousands of up until now mute specialists supporting CERN would care to speak up in favor of the Kerwick issue? The whole planet would breathe a sigh of relief if Tom can be proven right.


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