Why does the current Generation of Physicists allow CERN to non-update its Safety Report?

According to Dirac, spatial visualization is the basis of all big progress. This most powerful method has fallen into oblivion.

Picture a light clock in your mind – a light pulse travelling back and forth between two perfect mirrors inside a glass tube. When the tube is receding at a certain transversal speed away from you, its ticking rate appears halved to you. Is the internal light speed then halved?

The answer is no. The receding zig-zag of the light pulse inside the moving glass tube continues to observe c. The same thing applies conversely if an observer co-moving with the light clock looks back at your position. The constant-c-or-not question makes sense also under less symmetric conditions. In one, the light clock lies flat on the bottom of a constantly accelerating long rocketship in outer space whilst being watched from the tip. In another, the light-clock lies flat on the surface of a neutron star whilst being watched from afar. In either case, the tilt-induced light-path elongation keeps c a global constant of nature. No one objects to this result of visualization.

The retrieved global c has two staggering implications: (1) No cosmic expansion any more – the “Big Bang” is ruled out since two distant points on the expanding “balloon” of the Big-Bang model can now no longer recede from each other at superluminal speeds. (2) Black holes possess radically new properties (non-evaporation, unchargedness, undetectability by CERN’s detectors).

How then about the currently running LHC experiment at CERN in Geneva? With its twice cosmic-record localized energy density, the LHC is hoped to produce micro black holes in its “mini-bangs” on earth. The newly retrieved c-global of the less than 32 years old Einstein renders the experiment counter-advisable. The 7 years old official Safety Report warrants renewal. Tom Kerwick’s claim of a velocity-independent friction coefficient, made in the hope to free CERN from the duty to update its Safety Report, contains a hole. But even if there were no extant proof of danger, the LHC Safety Report would call for instant renewal in view of the cosmic-record resident energy density achieved.

The “mathematical superstition” which led to Bruno being burned alive at the stakes in the Rome of 1600 was mistaken: he was right with his infinitely old and large cosmos as is known now. Today’s “mathematical superstition” risks the planet being burned alive by becoming a 2-cm black hole in the wake of a symptom-free period of growth of several years. Bruno would gladly have preferred his own fate as the sole victim of a dogmatic feeblemindedness to the larger-scale future situation.

Is there really not a single public voice on earth to remind CERN of the logical duty to renew its 7 years old Safety Report before the cosmic-record fire hole can be allowed to go on? The town of Geneva is simultaneously seat of the United Nations. And Geneva happens to have saved my life in the children’s home “Schneewittchen” (Snow-white) of 1946. I have something to make good for.


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