Rather than run the LHC against c-Global, Physicists could run the ITER with Cryodynamics

The two “c-findings” from Tubingen (c-global, cryodynamics) have opposite technological consequences: Cryodynamics makes interactively controllable fusion feasible in a soon to be finished ITER; c-global by changing the properties of black holes makes the currently running LHC experiment a planetary risk.

How come two mutually dissonant fanfares are possible? It is because for some reason, the younger generation of physicists has lost connection to the generation of Einstein and that of his direct pupils, whom I still had the privilege to call my friends.

The current belief system has a clairvoyant attitude about it. But anonymous peer review is unable to safeguard jumps. This fact had actually been Leo Szilard’s hope – that extensive mutual reviewing would slow down the dangerous overall progress (in his “The Mark Gable Foundation”). Unfortunately, he overlooked that straightforward marching can cause a lemmings effect.

To let the reader have a better feel for the current great disorientation, I herewith confess publicly that both c-global and cryodynamics individually rule out the Big Bang. So the momentary decision of the world press club reads: “Rather die for the Big Bang than become rich forever with clean fusion energy.” Somehow I still have not lost hope.

My letter to the new charismatic leader of ITER follows.


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