Twelve Physics Theorems

Theorem One: No Big Bang

                    Proof: c-global rules out any superluminal velocities of mutual recession

Theorem Two: Hubble law explained dynamically

                     Proof: Cryodynamics implies debugged Zwicky law

Theorem Three: Galactic-halo origin of the Microwave Background Radiation

                      Proof: #1,2; the implied observational variability was first predicted in 2006

Theorem Four: Four Corollaries (no inflation; no nonbaryonic dark matter; no accelerated expansion; no GZK effect)

                      Proof: # 1,2

Theorem Five: The currently running LHC Experiment is risking the Planet

                      Proof: c-global entails new properties of black holes neglected by CERN

Theorem Six: Reeb-foliation Solution replaces Kerr Metric

                    Proof: Zero rotation rate at horizon (with Dieter Fröhlich and Art Winfree)

Theorem Seven: Black Holes are never finished

                     Proof: Trampoline-on-horizon assumption proves infinite in-falling and out-going time

Theorem Eight: “Third Hair of Black Holes” clipped: no Charge

                      Proof: Birkhoff theorem (in-falling particles lose their rest-mass and hence also their charge)

Theorem Nine: No Hawking Radiation

                       Proof: # 7

Theorem Ten: Re-scaled Global-c Version of Einstein Equation exists

                       Proof: Global-c version of Schwarzschild metric is already known (with Georg Slotta)

Theorem Eleven: The global-c Version of General Relativity jibes with Quantum Mechanics

                       Proof: # 10 (dream of unification come true)

Theorem Twelve: Experimental Proof of Everett’s Theory is possible

                       Proof: The Feingold-Rossler-Zeilinger experiment is almost running by now


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