How to convince the Colleagues that they are committing a Survival Error?

They cannot imagine that twice infinity is more than twice ten (my previous post).

The first example in literature of the corrected new thinking is the heading of my 1998 paper titled “Almost black holes.” Of course, everyone understands that radical novelty is being followed by silence. 17 years is not much.

But the fact that my physics colleagues decided to non-renew CERN’s 7 years old official Safety Report (“LSAG”) in their avoiding to quote the new safety-relevant results is unprecedented in history. Especially so if the risk thereby incurred with a finite probability is infinite.

In earlier times, scientific innovators got executed. In our own time, the same hatred is turned inward against the profession’s members themselves: They gladly bet their own lives against the new truth. Not minding in the process that they thereby take everyone hostage.

Therefore Giordano Bruno would surely have preferred his own age to our’s: with its 7 billion times larger cruelty. The global press curfew is the new stakes, erected for everyone.

P.S. Please, do not misunderstand. All of this is conditional on no counterproof having been found! This message is a cry for help to be given the benefit of the doubt. It is a bit like Kurt Gerstein in Tübingen trying to stop the killing machine by addressing the media. Once more the people of Israel is put in jeopardy. I do not know how it could happen that their holy country likewise got bribed into silence – unless someone brighter than me in science was able to give the clear-all signal in silence. In that case, forgive my stupid attempts to help you. Old men are sometimes emotional while their mental sharpness declines. Gerstein’s son was in my class. And I met Martin Buber as a child. And I love elephants (as the current “Discover” issue reveals).


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