“Infinite is finite”: Logic got abandoned by modern Physics

I do not refer to the quantum miracles here, only to the common-sense macroscopic part of physics. In all textbooks on general relativity (like Foster and Nightingale 2006 or Frolov and Novikov 1998) you will find that light takes infinitely long to reach the outer surface – “horizon” – of a black hole and equally long to come up from it.

The proper time of light is zero. For a piece of matter like an astronaut who in-falls onto a giant black hole, the proper time is larger than zero – about ten days. The same again for his fictitious symmetric return. By then, an infinity of time has again passed by in the outside universe. He can’t overtake light.

All of this is well known and accepted but never mentioned. Even movie makers first correctly show the mild time delay suffered by an astronaut who spent a few minutes in moderate vicinity of the horizon but thereafter, the movie ignores the infinite delay suffered down at the mouth. My friend Kip Thorne (we were both friends of the late John Wheeler) who wrote the best-selling book “The Science of Interstellar” on his co-authored wonderful movie, fell silent after my pointing him to his nicely drawn Figure 7.1.

Everyone in the field instead talks of “information paradoxes” and “singularities” and “wormholes” and “evaporation” and “fire rings” and other transformation-borne figments of the imagination. Does this mean that physicists can only calculate but not think? “Science does not think” was philosopher Heidegger’s verdict as I lerned from Gerold Baier.

In view of the openly ignored infinite delays, I dared implore ten thousand physicists to, please, renew their 7 years old official safety report “LSAG” before creating the hottest localized spot in the universe underneath the town of Geneva. Their cosmic-record energy density may or may not suffice to spawn black-holes, which is one of the official aims of the experiment since 2008.

CERN’s open refusal to renew their scientific safety report after 7 years’ time is a non-topic for all media. I therefore recently called for the help of Szilamandee, a young white elephant who can be cured from his physiological autism to advise an irrational humankind. Hopefully, he will not come too late ( http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/neuroskeptic/2015/07/06/scientists-predict-elephant-szilamandee/ ).


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