Scientofascism: CERN accepts the public Reproach of attempting Planetocide for 7 long Years

No other group ever was equally “cool.” The planet loves unjustified assertiveness: “Let them prove what they want, we continue with producing the hottest resident spot in the universe” is CERN’s implicit stance. They never replied to the first still banterful kind request of April 2008 ( ). And they never updated their even older Safety Report in the face of fundamental new evidence accrued.

Clairvoyance hailed by a docile planet: Giordano would have preferred his own cruel time when the collective hatred still turned itself against the dissenter rather than the future of the self-righteous majority and their children.

Imagine an institution swallowing the public reproach of “attempting planetocide” for 7 years and all media assisting them with a curtain of silence: A planet united in the wrong way.

Do not worry: The deadly gas etc. will emerge only after a delay of about a decade, and this only at a probability of less than ten percent. So it all still falls into the rubric of “climate consciousness” when you call your local newspaper. They may not be able to resist when you offer a token of public support for this just marginally larger environmental concern.

P.S.: I apologize for the virtually invisible public outlet here. But my previous outlets of many years got closed to the world ( or to the present author trying to go on, respectively ( In this way, CERN can hope to be able to continue with not defending itself against the many published papers in learned journals carrying new results on black holes.


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