The incredible story of c-global

The incredible story of c-global

Otto E. Rossler, Faculty of Science, University of Tubingen, 72076 Tubingen, Germany

It started out as the absurd dream of a 26 years old patent clerk in 1905: No matter how fast you are moving, the speed of light always holds true around you.  Poincaré’s equations showed this, but the young man could explain it all with the compelling image of the light cone and two mutually slanted planar cuts running across it, each horizontal for the observer in question. A miracle of mental visualization.

2 and 1/2 years later, the mental victory began to crumble, and had to be given up for good 3 and 1/2 years later again in 1011 when the young man had become a “Herr Professor” in Prague.

Fortunately, the mental sacrifice was unnecessary – as could be seen for sure only in 1985 when both c and h had found an endophysical explanation.

The “creeping of light,” absolutely correctly predicted as holding true downstairs in gravity in 1907, proved to be due, not to a decrease in c but rather an increase in size that happens to be masked optically from above. Hint: a light ray crossing the floor of the extended long Einstein rocketship is actually slanted relative to the tip. So all problems were solved with a delay of a whole human life span – so that no one would feel the need for a revision.

But the repaired global c has the most powerful implications, of course. “No cosmic expansion” any more,   “no Hawking radiation,” “no finished black holes.” This is not surprising but the new facts unfortunately imply that a currently running mega experiment represents a survival error.


For J.O.R.


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