I rehabilitated the young Einstein – but the Planet rather commits Suicide than listen

In 1905, the young Einstein pictorially proved the observer-centered global constancy of the speed of light c, with his two equal-tights cuts through the same light cone while sacrificing global simultaneity.

His confidence in c-global got shaken two and a half years later, when he found that in an accelerating long rocketship in outer space described by special relativity with its global c, a transversal light ray on the floor looks like creeping when watched from the tip. Einstein then fell silent about gravitation for two and a half years, until he had become a Professor Ordinarius of physics in Prague. From then on the locally masked slowdown of c became a staple in his emerging theory of general relativity.

Beginning in 1998 with a paper titled “Almost black holes,” the young Einstein got rehabilitated. In 2007, the global-c Schwarzschild solution was found. The proof (on the web since 2008) got officially published in China in 2012 with a review article appearing simultaneously in Africa. Black holes possess radically new properties.

The encountered “loud silence” is a historical tragedy: A currently running mega experiment risks the planet if c-global is true. The high-ranking safety assessment group LSAG at CERN refuses to update its 2008 official safety report. Otherwise, the current double-cosmic record localized energy densities generated on earth could not have been launched.

The media observe an unprecedented globe-wide silence. A single reporter taking up the issue could make all the difference of the world. Or else a benevolent politician.

Dear Pope, dear Dalai Lama: allow me to call on you. Or dear President Obama or dear President Putin. Or dear Israel: please, someone call for a renewed safety report after 7 years’ time and the current doubling of the chance to produce an at first undetectable but exponentially growing miniature black hole on our earth.


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