It is Fun to follow the Young Einstein

Up until reaching 32 years of age, Einstein believed in the global constancy of c. This belief turns out to have been the correct view.

His later view – that c were locally reduced by the gravitational redshift factor in a locally unnoticeable fashion – proves to be due to an oversight.

The return to the younger Einstein was slow in coming. At first, the famous Schwarzschild solution to the full Einstein equation turned out to possess a global-c version. Hence the same is bound to hold true for the full equation. Its new transform will predictably agree with quantum mechanics – a holy grail.

The only grain of salt: The return to c-global implies that the famous LHC experiment is unsafe. It as is well known is presently generatings twice cosmic-record energy densities down on earth. This does now with a heightened probability suffice to produce black holes down on earth (one of the original aims of the experiment).

This triumph will not only be unnoticeable for several years, since micro black holes possess new properties in light of c-global. The successfully produced black holes will also grow exponentially inside earth.

This latter fact turns the LHC experiment into a nightmare. The experiment’s for 7 years non-renewed official safety report LSAG was the basis for the doubled-energy launch. The media across the planet comply  by non-reporting. Einstein would weep.


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