How can I make you smile about Humankind’s Blunder?

The young Einstein was blessed with seeing a miracle: The miracle of c-global. Namely, that for both you and me when we are in relative motion, the speed of light is the same. He saw that this is logically possible if simultaneity, although locally equal, is mutually slanted between the two. This was the most impressive intuitive insight of history.

The blunder began 2 ½ years later when the principle of the global nature of c was sacrificed in the scenario of a constantly accelerating long rocketship in outer space: at the bottom, c looks reduced from the tip which fact is an undeniable consequence.

In 1996, this phenomenon could be explained by a local slantedness of the rocketship’s bottom relative to the tip so that c is actually constant throughout in accordance with the underlying theory of special relativity, as logically required.

Where is the smile that is to be elicited? It is the smile of consistency: everything fits together at long last.

But we need another smile here besides the smile of relief: the smile of forgiveness. There is an ongoing experiment which is at variance with the assumption that c is globally conserved; it rather assumes that c is reduced downstairs and eventually goes to zero at the horizon of a black hole. If so, a tunneling can occur as Stephen Hawking saw, so that a new type of sublimation occurs which lets very small black holes “evaporate” in a flash. Hence producing black holes down on earth as is currently being tried is not innocuous in case it is possible.

The presently running LHC experiment at CERN was devised to produce such harmless black holes on earth. The Hawking light flush was not observed so far. Are there, therefore, no black holes being formed?

We cannot know. This is because c-global implies that they will if produced will get stuck and grow exponentially inside matter. This is a little bit ridiculous, is it not?


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