Physics on a “double Lemmings Course”

Everyone knows the dogmas but no one puts them into doubt: “cosmic expansion” and “black-hole evaporation.” Lemaitrism and Hawkingism, that is.

The heros on the opposite side also are well-known – as losers: Fritz Zwicky with his “tired light” of 1929 and the early Hawking of 1972 when he still understood black holes correctly.

But ingrained 88 and 41 years old false views (Lemaitre’s and the later Hawking’s) are very hard to correct in science. Indeed, society is so inflexible that even dying for the dogma is being preferred to its correction. Not dying oneself alone but taking everyone else along, with a probability in the percentage range.

Saying so sounds dramatic, not to say hysterical. Only in an emergency situation is it allowed to raise one’s voice and use unmistakable language. Has such a situation arisen?

It has. The planet’s citizens are currently not being informed that a presently running experiment is on a daily basis producing the hottest resident spot anywhere in the universe, down on earth. This since early June, underneath the town of Geneva in Switzerland, a little bit displaced in the direction of France. The LHC experiment got originally built to, with a not very small chance, produce micro black holes on earth. Its other aim – finding the Higgs – already worked and won it a Nobel prize. The first aim – black hole production – takes a few years to become manifest if successful owing to the absence of Hawking radiation. The corresponding Nobel prize is therefore delayed. There is a non-small chance for for it to be won, too.

Hawking radiation was first disproved in 1996 with the discovery of c-global – final repair of a still remaining minor desideratum in general relativity. Since then, CERN’s first main aim – to produce micro black holes – is physically non-confirmable until the latter have grown enough to show their mettle. The proven fact that they will be growing exponentially inside matter was published in 2008.

So the planet may after a silent period of several years (five or ten but not much more) become manifestly eaten inside-out by a Hawking egg. This result got published in 2008 – after the last Safety Report of the LHC experiment. CERN’s decision in view of these Tübingen findings to rather non-update its 2008 safety report LSAG before doublings its energy is being supported by ten thousand participating physicists and all visible colleagues on the planet while the media promised compliance in a voluntary curfew.

The incurred risk of Armageddon lies probably only in the low-percentage range. But note that no building would be erected with such a risk, nor an elevator, both made for a few, nor a plane made for a few hundred passengers. But the precious spaceship earth with its soon 8 billion inhabitants and a possibly unlimited bright future, can.

In other words, everyone is publicly taken hostage at present by the non-renewed 2008 safety report of CERN. But virtually no one is allowed to learn about this historical fact – not even about the dry fact of the nonrenewal as such.

The more often I try to alert the public to these facts, the more reticent the public outlets left to me become.  Even “Armageddon in Five Years?” is not worthy a headline any more anywhere. Instant world democracy, after the model of South Africa, is possible to date along with instant press truth. But no one seriously supports the future of their own children by requesting CERN truth – or else global elections that with the existing social media would be easy to arrange for. The World Party could be formed any minute. But no one seriously supports the future of their own children it appears. The mothers are too harmless and the fathers too timid. And the phase during which you would do everything for your child is limited by the child ceasing to be a child. Or is there so much hidden hatred present in the average individual that this is the real explanation for the planet-wide muteness? Is CERN the best manifestation of the collective Death Drive diagnosed by Dr. Sigmund Freud early on?



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