Everyone’s Advice is solicited

The situation is the following: Since 1996, I was publishing uncontradicted results proving that the speed of light c in the vacuum is a global constant of nature just as Einstein had found in 1905 and had maintained until mid-1911.

This venerable result means that light not only takes an infinite outer time to reach the horizon of a black hole or come up from it, but that the underlying spatial distance likewise is infinite. The famous Flamm’s paraboloid gets elongated in its upper half into a trumpet with an infinitely distant mouth piece: the horizon. As a consequence, nothing can reach the horizon in finite outer time not even by tunneling. Since Hawking makes this assumption, Hawking radiation unfortunately becomes unphysical.

This published progress remains unaddressed because ten thousand physicists are currently betting the planet on Hawking radiation being real. An experiment designed to produce black holes on earth has not only become more likely to be successful by c-global, it also has become unable to register its own most spectacular success. Nevertheless the involved scientists proudly reported the absence of Hawking radiation – without in this way actually ruling out their own most wanted success. This success will become manifest only after a few years’ time when the implanted egg has grown big enough exponentially to announce its impending final effect (of shrinking earth into an optically invisible two-cm black hole still circled by the silent moon as if nothing had happened).

CERN does not contradict these conclusions. On the contrary, it as a consequence resolved to non-update its 7 years old official safety report of the LHC experiment because the latter could not yet address the new finding.

Unfortunately, the clout of the ten thousand physicists at CERN who decided to ignore a result now published for 3 years in a prestigious journal is strong enough to prevent all planetary media from reporting – which would be okay if the same scientists cared to say a critical word against the published proof of danger in a renewed Safety Report. But even that being beyond their professional dignity, the planet complies in a historically unprecedented act of faith in a new silent priesthood.

I – one of the authors of the new global c in the footsteps of the less than 32 years old Einstein – am therefore at a loss. I feel the duty to report and alert the media and as many people as possible to support my humble request for updating the most important safety report of history. But if the pope and the Dalai Lama and the two ruling presidents and the court of human rights refuse to say a word, who would be strong enough to initiate a grass-roots movement on behalf of the non-prominent majority of human citizens?

A YouTube report could do it – you could do it. But I am at a loss. Forgive me for turning to you, my last and best friend if you can help. Maybe you immediately see through the malaise and find an even better way to get a hopefully uplifting answer?


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